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We are an organization of strategic humanitarians and communication experts who are ready for your mission to have a far-reaching impact to help change the world.

Care Missionary + Founder

Lamar Land-Pandy

Lamar is a communication artist turned philosopher turned entrepreneur who has made a career and life out of being physically and mentally engaged in environmental, educational, and economic impact. Lamar’s mission is to empower humans from all walks of life to discover their purpose and visualize their dreams. He thrives on truth and the discovery of its higher power, so stronger relationships and values can build the future that so many desperately desire.

His work has been recognized by AdAge, BET as well as the One Awards. Lamar has worked closely across every major business vertical and shares best-in-class knowledge to help FRCares partners, non-profit benefactors, and donation recipients build a future-ready foundation for their civil, environmental, and educational objectives.

Lamar started his career over 20 years ago, but his passion for helping others has been a lifelong and evolving pursuit where challenges, growth, and happiness have been discovered and shared along the way.


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