About Us

Welcome to FRCares Foundation. We are Committed to Advancing Peace & Global Well-Being

FRCares is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development, and distribution of accessible, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these digital-based projects to the public.

We are a social impact agency and strategic partner, specializing in digital, and marketing technology solutions for nonprofits.

Guided by thePrinciples of EFFECTIVE ALTRUISM

FRCares offers a platform to amplify the messages of artists, activists, and entrepreneurs who are innovative in their fields and oriented toward the common good.

Future Investments


Future Academy will be built with the intention to help break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty for these young women. In 2021 the inaugural class of 100 girls will have free access to engaged and informed teachers, modern technology, and a safe learning environment. She believes that providing a prestigious space for girls’ education will inspire her village to think differently about the value of their girls and their future. Will you help Neha teach the future?

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We help build “community leadership”- an approach aimed at strengthening causes we care about through more proactive community engagement.



We want to be informed and influenced by the voices and opinions of the people and communities we seek to help. Just like editors contribute to news articles and improve current articles, developers write and debug the code that makes the wikis go. Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums share their collections and expertise.

All of us have knowledge to share.

Brands And Partners Who Care Like We Do